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Prioritizing safety of women in our organization

In my 17 years as a CEO, most of the companies I served have had workforces that are predominantly women – nurses, pharmacists, clinicians, dieticians, technicians, and now customer service representatives and in-home aides.

I consider it a privilege to be able to work with many very talented and dedicated women.

That said, most women I have worked closely with have shared their stories of feeling compromised at work – whether it was through a suggestive comment, a flirtatious advance, a body gesture, harassment, or even physical assault.

These behaviors are absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our organization!

You should never experience anything, especially through work at our company, that causes you to feel ashamed, humiliated, uncomfortable, awkward, fearful, or anxious.

At ModivCare, we prioritize safety. In fact, it is one of our core values as a company that we strive to uphold – not only for our members, but also for our team members. No matter who you are, you should feel like work is a safe place:

A safe place – physically.

A safe place – emotionally.

A safe place – psychologically.

We take this very seriously.

As Jody Kepler, our Chief Compliance Officer, shared in our last Town Hall, we are an organization that is free of the fear of retaliation or ramifications for coming forward, so you are safe to share your concerns about your safety or the safety of other women in our organization. Please do so by contacting Laurel Emory ( or Jody Kepler (

Please continue to make this a Great Place to Work by prioritizing the safety of each other.

Take care,

Dan Greenleaf
Chief Executive Officer